There are no payment details on this page as we need to confirm availability before any transaction takes place.  
  Name: Mr/Mrs/Ms_______________________________________  
  Email ____________________
  Telephone _______________  
  Mobile __________________  
  What instrument will you be playing on the course ? ) __________________________________________
  Read Music ? Yes/No ___________________________________
  Level: beginner | intermediate | advanced   ____________________  
  Grades : ______________________________________________  
  Musical Education : _____________________________________  
  The INTENSIVE Course is only suitable for experienced students who have attended the DJSS INCLUSIVE week or a similar course before, for example; or have other similar experience. If in doubt email and ask.  
  I would like apply for INTENSIVE INSTRUMENTAL COURSE or VOCAL COURSE  JULY 23rd - JULY 30th ?_____________________________________  
Week One Options (Please tick) INSTRUMENTAL ___________ VOCAL_______________
  I would like apply for INCLUSIVE WEEK   JULY 30th - AUGUST 6th ? _____________________________________  
  The following questions help us with room allocation  
  Smoker_________ Non Smoker________ MALE________ FEMALE_________  
  Age Group 18-25___ 25-35___35-45___ 45-55___ 55-65____65+___  
  Special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian etc. NB. you must keep to this choice for the whole course) ___________________  
  Means of travel (e.g. air, car, train etc.) ______________________  
  Details (if known) ______________________________________  
  Fees are priced in euros. - if you're not paying in euros on receipt of this form we will invoice you for the correct amount in your own currency (£ Sterling for example)  
  Week One 900 euros per person pre week (spouse or partner € 550)  
  Weeks Two  € 900 (spouse or partner € 550)  
  Week One Offsite € 700 euros per person (spouse or partner € 400  
  Week Two Offsite  € 700 (spouse or partner € 400  
  STUDENT RATE (only available to those in full-time education. Proof required.)  
  Week One or Two € 550 euros per person per week  
  Deposit € 200 euros per person  
  I enclose: Deposit of € _______ OR Full amount of € ___________
(NB:balance on deposit payable not later than 4 weeks before start of course).
  I have read and understood the booking conditions and consent to the DJSS collecting and storing my data from this form  
  Booking Conditions (please read carefully)  
1. A deposit of €200 (or the full amount) should be sent immediately after booking. The balance is due four weeks before the start of the course after which no refund will be possible.
2. We reserve the right to make changes to the course (including cancellation) in the event of circumstances beyond our control - such as, but not limited to, pandemics, Brexit or any government or legal directives related to these crises.
3. We reserve the right to cancel the course up to three weeks before the start date. Naturally, in these circumstances, we will give you a complete refund of fees paid to the Dordogne jazz summer school only. We advise obtaining travel insurance to cover any potential loss sustained in travel (flight/ferry) costs etc.
4. We arrange transport from and to Bergerac Airport or station only; and only on the Saturdays of the course. We will attempt to pick up and drop off students on other routes but cannot guarantee to do so. In order to facilitate a well organised transport schedule we require students to inform us of their travel plans no less than than one month before the start of the course.
5. We would remind students that accommodation at the Chateau is rudimentary - which is reflected in the cost of the course. A list of alternative offsite accommodation is available on request. Also anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs should be aware that the rehearsal rooms are accessible only by steep mediaeval staircases.
6. Saturdays are change-over days. Course activity limited to evening jam session. Classes proper commence Sunday morning at 10 am.
7. Student rate only available to those in full-time education (including adults). Proof required. Please be aware you may be sharing more than two to a room.
8. SOCIAL DISTANCING and COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS. All stagiaires must agree to and abide by our social distancing policies in all circumstances for the safety of themselves and fellow students. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19; or who has been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms 14 days prior to the start of the course is not allowed to attend. In these circumstances students can claim a full refund or transfer their booking to a future year. Students in breach of this rule will not be refunded.
9. PRIVACY NOTICE We only use your data to provide you with information about the summer school and a limited number of related events. You can email us on this address to have your personal data deleted at any time. We never share data with third parties. We will only contact you by email except in an emergency.
  Before downloading or printing out the booking form and sending off your deposit, it is worth emailing us to check that there is room on the course. We will reply straight away and, assuming there is room, we'll reserve you a provisional place which will be confirmed when we receive your booking form and deposit. We recommend completing the online booking form first.  

Send booking forms to: Mr. Dorian Lockett, Dordogne Jazz Summer School, 212 Sherwood Avenue, London SW16 5EF (UK)